Ideas para usar en el raspberry PI

Solo un recopilado de ideas que encontre en internet, para que sirva para el BrainStorming.

  • Webcam server
  • Vehicle tracking (using an add-on GPS module)
  • Streaming internet radio box
  • Vehicle Diagnostics, full OBDII logger with touch screen interface
  • Baby monitor
  • Media server by adding a couple of USB hard drives
  • Media receiver (hopefully we’ll get a port of XBMC or PLEX)
  • Video chat
  • Game emulator, running MAME (build your own arcade cabinet?)
  • Network Attached Storage setup (NAS)
  • Mini web server
  • FTP server
  • Proxy server
  • Firewall
  • Portable Media PC
  • Run an alarm system
  • Security webcam (with motion sensor)
  • Control garden lighting
  • Control sprinkler system
  • Wearable computer
  • HTPC for TV web browsing
  • HTPC for streaming Netfilx / Hulu etc
  • In car Computer
  • Thin client computer
  • Game server
  • IRC / chat server
  • build a cheap tablet
  • create a digital photo frame
  • Asterisk VOIP server
  • PBX
  • Home automation system
  • MP3 player
  • Portable personal computer, you can use it anywhere you can find a monitor.
  • multitouch screen coffee table
  • Wall hanging screen with voice control for network pictures, weather, news and RSS feeds
  • Cyber Cafe computer
  • Video conferencing system
  • Personal weather station / logger
  • Control a light display
  • Control an LED board
  • Put it in an old mac classic or mac plus case as a general purpose computer
  • Intelligent photo frame with touch
  • Wardriving setup
  • A dedicated Synth, possibly with touch screen
  • Solar powered desktop computer
  • CNC controller
  • High tech birthday / Xmas presents
  • Backup server
  • High tech alarm clock
  • Mini projector
  • DOSBox for games
  • Processing farm for SETI@Home
  • Cafe media player
  • Brains for Arduino setup
  • Mumble server
  • Industrial manufacturing controller
  • TOR server
  • BitTorrent seedbox
  • Family notice board
  • CD / DVD ripping device
  • Car black box with video
  • Wall mounted, interactive mood lamp
  • Robotic telescope / camera controller
  • Display photographer portfolio images
  • BitTorrent client
  • SMS gateway
  • RSS ticker
  • build a cheap laptop



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