Cloud Monitoring and Operations Services

99.99999% Uptime? You Got It!

DBA Developers has successfully launched products for Fortune 500 Companies. We are not strangers to dealing with cases where the the 99th percentile of the customers run in the tens of thousands.

In all these cases, Observability is of the esssence. We find appalling how many Enterprises run their operations blindly, leaving huge amounts of Money and Potential for Growth on the table: That Which Is not Measured, Cannot Be Improved Upon!

We invite you to trust our offerings for increased resilience, robustness, fault-tolerance and monitoring for your systems, with proactive and reactive incident response approaches. You may be amazed at the stories left behind by your customers, just waiting for a Monitor to reveal them!

Case studies:

Configurar replicacion en MySQL

Instalacion de la replicacion de MySQL en ambiente maestro-esclavo para alta disponibilidad

Crear instancia de DataGuard

Nota: la instalacion de Oracle RDBMS se instala en la BD primaria y Standby, en este caso en la standby solo tiene la instalacion. …

Desarrollo de aplicación de reconocimiento de rostros y emociones

Este es uno de los desarrollos hechos por nuestro equipo, tiene como funcionalidad ser un demo de la capacidad de nuestra …